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AFP awards $7,500 in scholarships to five students

EASTON, Md. (May 9, 2017) — Five students studying for agriculture-related careers were selected to receive scholarships totaling $7,500 from American Farm Publications, publisher of The Delmarva Farmer and The New Jersey Farmer newspapers.
This year, scholarship recipients are home-schooled high school student Spring Vasey, of Lincoln, Del., University of Maryland student Brian Glenn of Highland, Md., University of Nebraska–Lincoln student Robert Baldwin Jr. of Worton, Md., University of Delaware student Jenell Eck, of Henderson, Md., and Delaware Tech student Trey Harrington of Laurel, Del.
To better educate young children on the importance of dairy products in their diets, Vasey created the character “Dr. Daisy.” She has traveled to various schools, camps, and festivals in the past to hold her programs, and plans to continue to do so in the future. She plans to earn a bachelor’s degree in dairy science and her post-college plan is “to find a career with a dairy reproduction and genetic research facility.”
Glenn said one of his career goals is to help people realize the effect farmers have and the importance they hold by majoring in agriculture resource and economics.
“Modern day farmers are selfless heroes because they choose to provide not only for themselves and their families, but also for millions of others,” He said.
Baldwin said he plans to run a farm after college and work to overcome the many challenges that face the agricultural field today with a degree in agribusiness.
“After graduation, I plan on returning to Delmarva prepared to be an effective member of the next generation of agriculture,” he said.
According to Eck, most of the public is misinformed about agriculture, so her goal is to educate anyone she can about “the need for GMO’s, pesticides, farrowing crates and the truth about how we care for our family farms.” She will be able to do this with a degree in Agricultural Communications, which will enable her to reach many more people than a single classroom would.
Having been exposed to agriculture at a very young age, Harrington said he “didn’t have a hard decision to make when [he] decided on a college major.” With his major in Production Agriculture, he will continue his work on farms and “eventually build poultry houses of [his] own.”
Funding for the scholarship program comes from the proceeds of AFP’s annual Ag Scholarship Golf Tournament.
This 2017 tournament is scheduled for Aug. 11 at Heritage Shores Club in Bridgeville, Del.
For more information on the tournament, contact Tiffany Polly at 800-634-5021.