Santini lands atop NCGA’s non-irrigated competition

STEWARTSVILLE — Sam Santini claims to have done “nothing special” to achieve the 2010 National Corn Growers Association’s yield contest winning harvest for non-irrigated corn of 306.4915 bushels per acre with Hubner Seed. 
While Santini says he likes a little dry weather to make the corn root, he worried that it might have gotten too dry in June and July. 
“I think we’d have had a higher yield if the weather would have been better,” said Santini, who said he planted the award-winning acres on April 28.
He has been experimenting with fertilizer application and plant populations, adding a thousand plants per acre for several years without seeing diminishing returns.
Santini has been growing Hubner Seed products since 2003. 
“I started with 12 bags and have upped it some every year. This year I’m 90-percent Hubner.,” he said. “I like to try the new stuff. Next year, about 70 percent of my farm will be in Genuity SmartStax corn.
“The folks at Hubner have worked hard to become my most profitable relationship.”
When asked if he was surprised with his award-winning numbers, Santini said, “Yes and no. ... I’ve grown 300 bushel corn before. I know what it looks like.”
“When we were combining, we saw 330-340 numbers on the monitor in some areas.,” he continued. “It was an exciting day.”
This is Santini’s fourth national win.
In addition to corn and soybeans, the Santinis — including wife Chris, son-in-law Jeff, and daughters Steph and Carly — grow wheat and alfalfa.  NCGA winners will formally receive their awards at the 2011 Commodity Classic in Tampa, Fla. 
Winners receive national recognition, as well as cash trips or other awards from participating sponsors.
A few hours to the south, David Hula continues to leave no doubt. He is the corn king of the Mid-Atlantic. In 2010, he extended his reign nationwide.
Hula, of Renwood Farms in Charles City, Va., along the James River, four-time national corn growing champion was one of two Mid-Atlantic growers named national winners in the 2010 yield contest of the National Corn Growers Association.
The difference was that Hula’s yield of 368.4 bushels an acre topped the entries of 7,118 other growers from across the country.
Hula led the national pack placing first in the no-till/strip-till irrigated division.
The National Corn Yield Contest is in its 46th year and remains NCGA’s most popular program for members.
The 24 national winners in eight production categories had verified yields averaging more than 301.721 bushels per acre, compared to the projected national average of 154.3 bushels per acre in 2010.
The only other national winner from the Mid-Atlantic was Chris Santini — Sam’s wife — with a yield of 263.6 bushels per acre in the ridge till non-irrigated division.
Overall, the yield of the 24 winners in the eight production areas across the national honors board ranged from Hula’s 368 to 276 bushels an acre.
Growers compete in nine corn production classes, including non-irrigated (A and AA), no-till/strip-till non-irrigated (A and AA), no-till/strip-till irrigated, ridge-till non-irrigated (A and AA), ridge-till irrigated and irrigated classes.
The contest is divided into two divisions — Class AA for states in what is known as the “Corn Belt” and Class A for all other corn-growing states.
The Class AA states are Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin.
When Hula has led the nation, his corn production in Virginia has topped the yields even the best growers in the Class AA states have had to offer.
Apart from Hula and Sam and Chris Santini, and unlike previous years, the Mid-Atlantic had no other national winners in the 2009 corn yield contest of the National Corn Growers Association.
However, here are the Mid-Atlantic state winners in the divisions in which they competed and in their order of finish:
Class A Non-Irrigated
• Delaware: Richard Ashley, Felton, Augusta A5337E, 242.7 bushels an acre; Jonathan Snow, Smyrna, Pioneer 333N58, 241.1;Benjamin Snow, Smyrna, Pioneer 33N58, 210.8;
• Maryland: Marion Wilson, Centreville, DeKalb DKC57-50, 261.7 bushels an acre; John A. Rigdon, Jarrettsville, Pioneer P1395HR, 249.8; Sage Baker, Vienna, Pioneer 33N58, 244.8;
• New Jersey: Sam Santini, Stewartsville, Hubner H-5909VT3P 306.4 bushels an acre; Jacob Bilyk, Belvidere, NK Brand N72A-3000GT, 224.6; Nancy Bilyk, Belvidere, NK Brand N72A-3000GT, 222.3;
• Pennsylvania: D. Richard Snyder, Montoursville, DeKalb DKC62-54, 257.5 bushels an acre; Daryl L. Alger, Lebanon, DeKalb DKC55-67, 249.6; Adriel Peachey, Morgantown, DeKalb DKC61-21, 249.2; and
• Virginia: Ted Haberland, Somerset, DeKalb DKC68-05, 240.4 bushels an acre; Steve Swan, Brandy, Station Pioneer 33M57, 184.7; W. T. Hicks, Rappahannock, Pioneer 33M57, 120.8.
Class A: No-Till
Strip Till Non Irrigated
• Delaware: Bruce E. Snow, Smyrna, Pioneer 33D49, 242.8 bushels an acre; Aaron R. Thompson, Hartly, Channel 216-63VT3, 229.3; R & S Farms, Frankford, DeKalb DKC61-69, 201.1;
• Maryland: John A. Rigdon, Jarrettsville, Pioneer P1395HR, 276.3 bushels an acre; Lippy Brothers, Hampstead, Pioneer 33D49. 260.0; Gary L. King, Princess Anne, Pioneer P1173HR, 227.9;
• New Jersey: Jeffrey Barlieb, Stewartsville, Pioneer 34F97, 261.2 bushels an acre; Ron Sigler, Asbury, Pioneer P1395XR, 218.7; Jacob Bilyk, Belvidere, NK Brand N77H-3000GT, 182.1.
• Pennsylvania: David Wolfskill, Wernersville, DeKalb DKC62-54, 273.6 bushels an acre; Eric A.Charles, Lancaster, Pioneer P1395HR, 255.3; Richard A. Crone, Danville, Channel 210-61VT3, 255.2; and
• Virginia: Mike Coates, Reva, Pioneer 33V16, 251.5 bushels an acre; Jeremy Houff, Mount Crawford, Pioneer P1184HR, 239.3; David Hudnall, Heathsville, Pioneer P1184HR, 162.6.
Class: No Till/Strip Till Irrigated
• Delaware: C. Melvin Wyatt, Jr, Harrington, Pioneer 33D49, 284.8 bushels an acre; Ockels Acres, Milton, DeKalb DKC61-69281; Cheryl Ockels, Milton, Channel 213-32VT3, 273.3;
• Maryland:  Mica Farms, Church Hill, Pioneer 33D49, 275.5 bushels an acre; John R. Windsor, East New Market, Pioneer 33N58, 258.0; Ed Appenzeller, Millington, DeKalb DKC61-69, 256.6;
• New Jersey:  Robert A. Santini, Phillipsburg, Pioneer P1395XR, 262.5 bushels an acre; John A. Richman, Salem, NK Brand N68B-3000GT, 240.8;
• Pennsylvania:  AAA Farming, Lebanon, DeKalb DKC61-22, 248.0 bushels an acre; Clifford L. Charles, Lancaster, Pioneer 35K04, 242.8; Mast Farms, Morgantown, Pioneer P1707HR, 238.3; and
• Virginia: David K. Hula, Charles City, Pioneer P1615HR, 368.4 bushels an acre; Craig Hula, Charles City, DeKalb DKC62-54, 311.3; John N Mills & Sons, Hanover, Pioneer P1615HR, 258.0.
Class: Ridge Till Non-Irrigated
• Maryland: Harrison Rigdon, Jarretsville, Pioneer 34F97, 256.8 bushels an acre; Cathy Bostic, Church Hill, Pioneer 33N58,158.5;
• New Jersey: Chris Santini, Stewartsville, Pioneer P1395XR, 263.6 bushels an acre; and
• Pennsylvania: Conestoga Meadow Farm, Morgantown, Pioneer 34P92 187.2 bushels an acre.
Class: Ridge Till Irrigated
• Maryland: Michael R. Bostic, Church Hill, Pioneer 33D49, 278.2 bushels an acre; Tuckahoe Farms, Denton, DeKalb DKC63-14, 252.3;
• New Jersey: S&C Santini, Stewartsville, Pioneer 34F97, 263.5 bushels an acre;
• Pennsylvania: Rhonda Mast, Morgantown, Pioneer 34P92, 181.3 bushels an acre;
• Virginia: Ronnie L. Russell, Water View, Pioneer P1615HR, 238.0 bushels an acre; Rafe Parker, Oak Grove, Pioneer 33M57, 89. 1; and
Class: Irrigated
Delaware: Christopher M. Wyatt, Harrington, Pioneer 33D49, 287.9 bushels an acre; Randall C. Willin, Seaford, Channel 212-74R, 280.0; Kevin Evans, Bridgeville, Pioneer 33D49, 262.6;
• Maryland: Michael R. Bostic, Church Hill, Pioneer 33N58, 279.9 bushels an acre; Willin Farms, Inc., Seaford, DeKalb DKC63-14, 278.5;  Keith Leaverton, Trappe, Channel 213-32VT3, 266.2.
• New Jersey: Marlene E. DuBois, Elmer, DeKalb DKC61-21, 259.6 bushels an acre; Carly M. Barlieb, Stewartsville, Pioneer 34F97, 254.3, Sharon Santini, Phillipsburg, Pioneer 34F97, 249.2; and
• Virginia: John N. Mills & Sons, Hanover, Pioneer P1615HR, 270.2 bushels an acre; Monte Heatwole, Mc Gaheysville, Pioneer P1184HR, 266.4; Robert L. Newcomb, Hanover, Pioneer P1184HR, 265.8.