Raw milk devotees riding storm (Editorial)

(Feb. 23, 2016) Here’s the top of a story out of California posted earlier this month;
A California dairy that sells USDA Certified Organic raw milk and other unpasteurized dairy products is voluntarily recalling its whole milk — that expired on Jan. 23 and 26 — in collaboration with state officials.
Fresno-based Organic Pastures Dairy Co. posted the recall on its website and Facebook page on Feb. 5.
The dairy has recalled products at least four times since 2006 because state tests showed foodborne pathogens.
So, where do raw milk devotees stand in all of this?
Across the nation, and despite periodic reports of sickness allegedly caused by raw milk consumption of unpasteurized milk is getting a new look, being marketed by certified dairies, which handle the milk as if it were going to a processing plant, and which must “sell” the milk right on the farm.
Legislation authorizing the sale of raw milk under strict conditions is in place — or under consideration — in states across the nation.
Raw milk devotees are well aware that putting milk on the table every morning for their children defies the cautions which emerge from a large segment of the dairy industry.
One sick kid, state Farm Bureaus often warn, can impact dairies throughout the state.
But, counter the raw milk fans, they have a choice.
And picking raw milk for their family is a choice, and it’s a choice they want the right to make.
It’s hard to argue with that.