Kimballs grateful for community help

AFP Correspondent

BLAIRSTOWN (Nov. 1, 2015) — Kent Kimball had just returned from the Blairstown Farmers’ Market on Aug. 15 when a worker’s spark caused a fire on the third story of his Sarepta Road farmhouse.
Kimball and his grandchildren escaped the fire, but the attic was damaged by the flames and the lower floors, especially at the front of the house, by the water used to extinguish it
“It’s an interesting way to clean out the attic,” he said while selling produce at a recent Belvidere Farmers’ Market.
The family is living in a trailer on their property while waiting for the house to be repaired.
The Kimballs have been a fixture at the Blairstown market for the eight years it has been operating and were among the founders of the Belvidere Market.
They had crops in the ground for this season so are continuing to bring produce to the market, according to Kendrya Close, executive director of the Foodshed Alliance which operates the Blairstown market.
A post on the Foodshed Alliance website indicated because the Kimball’s lost some cold storage and storage and transport materials so they are bringing less.
According to the farm website, Kimball’s uses no chemical pesticides or herbicides.
They plant a diverse mix of flowers and vegetables including those that attract beneficial insects and they use organic mulches and weeding instead of plastic.
They have a farm stand on Sarepta Road as well as “you-pick” in their fields. The Kimball’s African Pygmy and Pygmy Nubian goats can often be seen playing in the field near the farmhouse.
Friends and neighbors started a fund for the family immediately after the fire and the Kimballs would like to see it continue for donations to the fire companies that assisted: Belvidere, Knowlton, Hope, Oxford, Washington Borough, Harmony and Mountain Lake, as well as emergency squads from Oxford and Knowlton.