Fisher visits Brook Hollow among promotional tour

AFP Correspondent

COLUMBIA (Oct. 15, 2015) —Secretary of Agriculture Doug Fisher traveled throughout the state on Oct. 9, promoting apple picking season.
His first stop was Brook Hollow Farm where Dave and Jean Flintcroft run a pick-your-own operation.
The secretary said his staff would send out photos of the visit on social media to “get some chatter going.”
Warren County Freeholder Ed Smith and Public Information Director Art Charlton met Fisher at the farm. Charlton also sent out photos of the event.
Flintcroft explained to Fisher he opens most of his orchards to you-pick, but not his peaches.
“I tried peaches once, it was a disaster.”
He said there was too much fruit loss as nearby peaches fell when one was picked and people didn’t pick them up and take them.
Fisher and staff members rode a haywagon into the orchard to sample various varieties.
They picked Empire, Winesap, Golden Delicious and Red Delicious before the ride back to Brook Hollow’s store.
Flintcroft explained he has a degree in agriculture and started out in the nursery business, but really wanted an orchard.
He loved the 1860 silo and barn on the 175-acre former dairy farm, but two years after he bought the property, the barn burned.
The rebuilt structure has the look, and some of the walls, of the original barn. The barn now houses a shop selling Brook Hollow products and those of some neighbors.
The secretary’s next stop was a farm in Gloucester County, his home territory.
He commented on how different the hilly Warren County landscape is from his native South Jersey and remarked on the view of the mountains from the top of Brook Hollow’s orchards.
The secretary’s office reported the two stops were to draw attention to the state’s seasonal tourism industry, of which apple picking is a major part. New Jersey ranks ninth in the national in agritourism sales.