Your NJF begins its 27th year (Editorial)

(May 1, 2015) With this issue, The New Jersey Farmer launches its 27th year of publication.
It’s not a celebratory year — such as the 25th, which we weathered, or the 50th, for which we are bound, but having put 26 years in the books is worthy of some reflection.
The New Jersey Farmer is the sister paper of The Delmarva Farmer, the mothership of American Farm Publications Inc.
Despite the geographic confinement suggested by its name, The Delmarva Farmer was in its 13th year of publication when The New Jersey Farmer appeared. The Delmarva Farmer was billed and managed as “the voice of the farmer in the Mid-Atlantic area.”
That meant, of course, that New Jersey farmers and the Garden State’s agricultural industry, fell under the coverage umbrella of The Delmarva Farmer.
It was a workable arrangement.
A “stringer” or two contributed every week to the news columns of The Delmarva Farmer, and Garden State agricultural commerce and industry were delighted to have a “farm newspaper” circulating in the state.
But something didn’t fit.
It became apparent to the editors that New Jersey agriculture and that practiced across the Delaware River were two separate and distinct adventures.
In New Jersey, vegetable and fruit production dominates the ag industry and demand the attention of its practitioners and scientists. To the west, the focus is on corn, soybeans and chickens.
The editors, at what was to become American Farm Publications Inc.; knew that New Jersey agriculture demanded, and deserved, a newspaper of its own.
Thus was born, 26 years ago, The New Jersey Farmer.
It’s been a long and exciting journey.
With the continued support of Garden State readers and advertisers, your “voice” will continue to be heard.