Farmers’ market season wrapping up

AFP Correspondent

“This is the best peach season I can remember,” Bob Best said at the Blairstown Farmers’ Market Harvest Festival.
Best, of Independence Township, has seen a lot of peach seasons, so he would know. “This is the coolest summer I can remember,” he added. “It was a little short of rain, but only four or five days were unbearable and humid,” he added.
Best said his son kept track and there wasn’t one 100-degree day all summer.
The apple harvest is a little light this fall, but Best is still producing cider he sells at his stand, the farmers’ market and through Donaldson Farms in Mansfield Township.
The weather has been great for the farmers’ market as well, Donna Lee Cannistraci, the market manager with the Foodshed Alliance, said.
The Blairstown market was celebrating its seventh annual harvest festival, but Cannistraci said this one was bigger than the others because of the great weather.
“We only lost two weekends to rain,” Cannistraci said, adding only one of the weekends was actually rainy and cold.  “We haven’t had a hard frost yet,” she added, noting that is very unusual for late October.
The Belvidere Farmers’ Market is a Sunday market and they made out even better with only one rainy day, Maria Menegus of the farmers’ market committee said.
She said the community has been very supportive of the market. A private group administers the market, she said.
The market is made up of a collective of people from the town and immediate area. 
Several visitors to the market said they were sad to see it close for the winter.
Menegus said the administration hasn’t set an opening weekend for 2015, but it will probably be around June 1.