These are the ag days of our lives (Editorial)

These are challenging times for agriculture.
Life on the farm is an increasingly distant concept for an increasingly urban — and suburban — society.
The average American consumer — if indeed such a one exists — walks into his or her favorite supermarket, with every confidence that all the shelves will be filled, all the vegetable displays overflowing, the refrigerator cabinets (always at the far end of the store, have you noticed?) freshly filled with milk, the meat counters boasting choice cuts of everything from turkey burgers to nice thick filet mignons, ready for the grill.
They are not astonished at the wealth of the offerings. That is expected.
What is astonishing is that those shoppers often have no idea where all of that food came from or what it took to get it there.
With this issue of The New Jersey Farmer, we embark on our 24th year of publication.
And these things are on our minds.
Can we help educate an ag-ignorant society? Can we, by reporting the agricultural news of the Garden State, help create an awareness that farmers, farms and farming are an integral part of all of our lives?
Agriculture is about all of us.
In the history of mankind, not one wheel of industry turned until the first crop was planted.
As this newspaper goes forth to complete its first quarter century of publication, we will be pondering these things.