Agriculture is part of all of us (Editorial)

As winter began to fade and as farmers began warming up their their equipment for spring planting, the nation observed its 39th annual National Agriculture Day, dedicated to a celebration of American agriculture and a reminder to all citizens of the absolutely vital role which farmers and farming play in their daily lives.
Agriculture, it is said, is a part of all of us.
These are cautious, fretful times. Commercial agriculture, as we know it today, is under intense, often withering attack.
It is a curious assault. It is leveled with equal vigor on both livestock — both the four-legged variety and poultry — and row crops — corn, small grains, soybean, vegetables, and so forth — thus encompassing most of what humans eat.
Those leading the charge are so wedded to their various agendas that they apparently find themselves absolved from feeding their families, clothing their children, or indeed, feeding not only the family dog and cat but that backyard flock of chickens.
Fortunately, there is forming across the land a virtual army of organizations dedicated to defending farms and farmers, and to re-educating, or educating in many instances, the agri-ignorant in the consuming public.
CommonGround, Farmers Feed US, U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance, the Center for Food Integrity, The Hand That Feeds US and others, large and small, have taken up the challenge of telling agriculture’s story.
Men and women and even youth in the ag industry — joined by those still not too generationally distant from the farm — are turning to Facebook and blogs and the social media to preach the gospel of agriculture.
Be assured that we at American Farm Publications and The New Jersey Farmer will be marching with that army ... and urging it on.
We do not consider failure an option.