Deadline soon for waste management plans

TRENTON — The three-year anniversary for the New Jersey Animal Waste Statute is on March 16, which will conclude the three-year enrollment period for all existing livestock producers across the state.
The legislation enacted in 2009 maintained that all livestock producers inclusive of equine, dairy, beef, sheep, goats, swine and other domesticated livestock species must not only be in compliance with the rules concerning animal waste management, but must have filed a declaration page recognizing that each farm/producer with eight to 299 animal units has completed a plan and has filed the declaration page accordingly.
One animal unit is 1,000 pounds of total animal weight, so that all species depending on the mature weight can be calculated into the 1,000 pound equivalent.
Within the legislation, not only animal waste generators must meet the rules, but farms receiving more than 150 tons of animal generated nutrients must have filed a declaration page as well, even if said farms have a conservation plan or other nutrient management policy.
Also, every farm that has a Certified Nutrient Management Plan must file a declaration page to be in compliance with the rule.
The legislation specifically states that not being in compliance with the legislation could jeopardize right-to-farm protection for all farmers producing or using animal waste products as described in N.J.S.A. 4: 1C. 
Rutgers Cooperative Extension was designated as the educational training component to train producers about the rule and held over fifty general and animal specific trainings all across the state with over 2,000 producers attending the sessions to date.
For those who have not attended the training sessions or have not filed your declaration page, Extension will hold additional training sessions after the first of the year and will be available to assist with compliance questions.
Visit for more details.
Four Extension offices are available to assist with questions on being in compliance by the March 16 deadline: Burlington (609-265-5050), Hunterdon (908-788-1338), Salem (856-769-0090), and Sussex (973-948-3040).