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The Next Generation

TOP STORY — July 2017

Lehigh-View Bar Dynaster wins Central Md. Holstein show


Special to The Delmarva Farmer

In both open and youth divisions, a junior 2-year-old, Lehigh-View Bar Dynaster exhibited by Jordyn Griffin of Union Bridge, Md., was named grand champion of the Central Maryland Holstein District Show.
Following, with the reserve grand champion title was a 4-year-old cow, Savage-Acre Cred Sabrina exhibited by James Savage, Dickerson, Md.
Atley Miller of Westminster, Md., took home the junior champion trophy in both open and youth divisions with her winter yearling, MM-T Pockets Zen-Red-ET.
The open and youth division reserve junior champion title was awarded to a fall calf, Lehigh-View Reginald Alexa, shown by Bodey Griffin, Union Bridge, Md.
Champion honors of the showmanship division went to the senior class winner, Brook Hoff of New Windsor, Md. The intermediate class winner, Rylee McConville of Westminster, Md., won the reserve champion showmanship title.
Results of the show are below with youth division entries indicated with parenthesis (1):
• Spring calves: 1. (1) M-Two B Cherry-ET, Claire Minde, Bel Air, 2. (2) Gavin Valentine, Thurmont
• Winter calves: 1. (1) Lehigh-View Attic AJ, Bodey Griffin, Union Bridge, 2. (2) Baine Edwards, Westminster, 3. (3) Layla Metts, Fairfield, 4. (4) Tristan Kiser, Keymar, 5. (5) Brook Hoff, New Windsory, 6. (6) Kaylah Simpson, New Windsor, 7. (7) Claire Minde, Bel Air
• Fall calves: 1. (1) Lehigh-View Reginald Alexa, Bodey Griffin, Union Bridge, 2. (2) Brook Hoff, New Windsor, 3. (3) Cadin Valentine, Thurmont, 4. (4) Layla Metts, Fairfield
• Summer yearlings: 1. (1) Lehigh-View Lenox Dynabella, Jordyn Griffin, Union Bridge, 2. (2) Jaycey Miller, Westminster, 3. (3) Rylee McConville, Westminster, 4. (4) Alicia Hoff, New Windsor, 5. (5) Jillian Sutton, Westminster
• Spring yearling: 1. (1) Coldsprings McCutchen 6851, Brook Hoff, New Windsor
• Winter yearlings: 1. (1) MM-T Pockets Zen-Red-ET, Atley Miller, Westminster, 2. (2) Daniel Summers, Jefferson, 3. Danielle Kirkpatrick, Brunswick
• Fall yearlings: 1. (1) King-Lane A-Shock Rumor-ET, Jordyn Griffin, Union Bridge, 2. Corey Kirkpatrick, Brunswick
• Junior best three females: 1. (1) Bodey Griffin, Union Bridge
• Junior 2-year-old: 1. (1) Lehigh-View Bar Dynaster, Jordyn Griffin, Union Bridge
• 4-year-old: 1 (1.) Savage-Acres Cred Sabrina, James Savage, Dickerson
• Senior showmanship: 1. Brook Hoff, New Windsor, 2. Allie Agate, New Windsor, 3. Daniel Summers, Jefferson, 4. Brittany Sweet, Jefferson
• Intermediate showmanship: 1. Rylee McConville, Westminster, 2. Jordyn Griffin, Union Bridge, 3. James Savage, Dickerson, 4. Cadin Valentine, Thurmont, 5. Atley Miller, Westminster, 6. Alicia Hoff, New Windsor, 7. Marina Karides, Severna Park, 8. Kaylah Simpson, New Windsor
• Junior showmanship: 1. Blaine Edwards, Westminster, 2. Claire Minde, Bel Air
• Novice showmanship: 1. Tristan Kiser, Keymar.