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Mohler in her ‘dream job’ as beef marketer

Staff Writer

HAGERSTOWN, Md. —Erin Mohler, who grew up in Charlotte Hall in St. Mary’s County, Md., says she has her dream job. She is a marketing specialist with Certified Angus Beef based in Wooster, Ohio. Earlier this year, Mohler was the featured luncheon speaker at the Maryland Cattlemen's Convention.
“I grew up with lambs in my laundry room, chickens in my play house, checking cows and horses in the middle of the night, and feeding animals in the morning before I fed myself,” Mohler said.
“Agriculture has always been a part of who I am.”
Growing up, her family was always experimenting with raising some sort of animal, she remembers.
Recalling a few of those phases brings to mind hatching eggs in an incubator in our kitchen, giving away baby rabbits for Easter, selling our first-born-and-raised filly, and having our first trailer load of calves to send to the sale barn.
“As my brother, Colby, and sister, Jesse and I reached the age to become 4-Hers, we became even more involved in raising animals. Somewhere in that process I fell in love with the agriculture industry,” she said.
Her parents, Tim and JoAnn Mohler, own a 60-acre farm in St. Mary’s County where the family's show heifers and cows reside. The family also owns a 200-acre farm in Missouri where they keep 40 head of commercial cattle.
“We plan to one day move to Missouri and farm there,” Mohler said. “My dad has a sincere passion for becoming a 'cowboy' and my mom is right there beside him. I would love to one day work from the family farm and raise cattle there.”
Mohler and her siblings started out buying their 4-H projects and showing them at 4-H and area jackpot shows, she said, and they built a herd based on their former show heifers.
After her 4-H days were over, Mohler said, she decided to become an animal science major in hopes of having a career in production agriculture. She enrolled at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Mo., and received her Bachelors of Science in Animal Science with a minor in Agricultural Economics, in 2011. While in college she was on the Dean's List and had a GPA of 3.25.
Upon graduating college, she took on an internship with the Certified Angus Beef program although her previous experience with beef cattle had been mainly with crossbreds.
“I loved it,” she said of her internship, “and now I'm a full-time Marketing Specialist with the program.”
Her duties as a marketing specialist include planning marketing projects and promotions with steakhouse customers, promoting the brand at consumer events through samplings, promotions, radio remotes and in-store marketing. They also include traveling to weekend consumer events promoting the CAB brand.
In addition to her school and regular work activities, Mohler has found time to research current ag issues including animal welfare, activist campaigns and food security. She uses traditional and social media through a weekly blog and other means to get ag’s message out to the public, helped organize the Missouri Youth Show Pig Circuit and the Missouri Pork Classic golf tournament, helped plan and organize the 2011 Missouri Pork Expo, has helped plan the Missouri Cattlemen's Association Convention, and represented the American Angus Association at ag industry conferences and events like the National FFA Convention.
She successfully organized a new and educational annual event, “Meet Your Meat,” grabbing media coverage and consumer attention by serving beef and having a live calf on display and reaching out to over 1,000 consumers and serving 600 steak sandwiches.
She has also connected with the next generation promoting ag involvement through an essay contest, and frequently publishes ag videos.
Of her present life and employment with CAB, Mohler says, “I love working for Angus producers and sharing their story!”