Fields taps into volunteering as way to give back

Staff Writer

Keymar, Md (May 30, 2017) — After a fulfilling career showing livestock in 4-H, BreAnn Fields said giving back through volunteering with shows and cattle groups is an important part of her schedule.
Fields had taken over much of the work organizing the Wills Fair livestock show for the past three years and though she’s stepped aside on that front, she said she’s remaining involved in other ways.
“I have met so many folks and have seen what an impact we can make on the younger generations,” she said. “And I love to hear judges, especially from out west, say how good our livestock is here.”
With more than 100 exhibitors signed up in 2017, Fields said more than $4,000 to sustain the beef show.”
“Through this life in 4-H and with agriculture, I’ve learned to never give up on something you are passionate about, never stop working at it until you succeed, and always finish what you’ve started.
Raised on her grandparents five-acre farm, Hillview Acres in Keymar, Md., with Hereford and Shorthorn cattle, BreAnn has been in 4-H since she was eight years old. She and her brother, Travis, own Hillview Acres Show Cattle and are fifth generation 4-Hers since their great, great grandfather started showing in Montgomery County.
She has shown in local shows and some of the larger ones, like the North American International Livestock Exposition in Louisville, Ky., and the Junior Hereford Show in Denver.
She served as Maryland Junior Hereford Princess, and in 2016-17, she was the Maryland Hereford Queen.
She also won a heifer through the Maryland Hereford Association and showed market hogs for six years during her 4-H career.
Through an internship at the Frederick County 4-H office, she’s visited 6,000 elementary school kids through the Ag In The Classroom program, and said she has learned how much work it takes and how rewarding it is to influence and teach young people about agriculture.
“I also met my boyfriend, Tyler Rahmer in 4-H and found he has the same passion for cattle as I do,” she said.
Fields graduated from the University of Maryland this year with a Bachelors degree in communications, and noted that being in agriculture helps a great deal with communication.
“Agriculture has made me successful at what I do today,” she said.
Along with her duties at the Wills Fair, Fields is involved in agriculture is several other ways.
“I just took over the Maryland Hereford Royalty Program from Thelma Mills who is retiring after many years, and am in charge of the Maryland Hereford Futurity.”
She is involved with photography and graphic design and has her own business, Bs Photography and Design.
“I started out taking random pictures out of high school,” she added, “and it has grown into a business.”
Fields has also had her winnings, including champions and reserve champions at the Wills Fair and said she still remembers walking into the show ring for the first time.
“I hold all these memories dear to my heart,” she said, “ and winning isn’t everything, but it is certainly rewarding and I have counted more than 200 wins in all, over the years.”
Fields also has an internship with Farm Credit office Frederick.
“I want to thank all the people, besides my immediate family, who helped me along the way, including Mark Butler, the Krietz Family, the Seiss family, my aunts and uncles and my mom’s brother, and the friends I met locally and across the U.S.”