Maryland Spring Holstein Show draws 122 entries

Special to The Delmarva Farmer

WEST FRIENDSHIP, Md. (April 11, 2017) — The 2017 Maryland Spring Holstein Show was held Saturday, April 1, at the Howard County Fairgrounds.
Michael Creek, of Hagerstown, Md., officiated the 122-head show.
In the youth show, Savage-Leigh Little Lona-ET, was named junior champion.
She was the first-prize fall calf, sired by Pine-Tree Sid, and the entry of Chase Savage.
The youth show reserve junior champion rosette was presented to MD-Maple-Lawn Sid Luxury-ET. She is sired by Pine-Tree Sid, was the first prize winter calf and is owned by Katelyn Iager.
The youth show Intermediate champion was Savage-Leigh-TM Brita-Red-ET.
A senior 2 year old, sired by Tiger-Lily Ladd P-Red, she was presented by Kendall Welsh.
The reserve intermediate champion of the youth show was the entry of Bryce Zepp.
Windsor-Manor Z Heaven-ET, is a senior 3 year old and is sired by Siemers Toy Hero 9701.
The top honors of the youth show were presented to Shelby Iager’s aged cow Savage-Leigh Atwd Lic-ET. Sired by Maple Downs IGW Atwood, she was named senior and Grand Champion of the youth show.
The reserve senior and Grand Champion awards went to Savage-Leigh Gold Lush, a 4 year old, sired by Braedale Goldwyn. Connor Savage is her owner.
The junior champion banner was presented to Clayholm Bozeman Milly-Red, sired by EK-STJ Bozeman-P. She was the first prize winter yearling and the entry of Glamourview Farm.
The reserve junior champion was the first place fall yearling heifer. Walk-LE GW Atwood Becca, is owned by M&S Hawbaker and sired by Maple-Downs IGW Atwood.
The intermediate champion was Peace & Plenty GWN Blezann, sired by Braedale Goldwyn, and the first place senior 3 year old. She is owned by Peace & Plenty Farm.
The second place senior 3 year old, Budjon Vail Aftrshk Arya-ET was named reserve Intermediate champion. Sired by Ms. Atlees Sht Aftershock, she is the entry of Maple Dell Farm.
Mor-Yet Goldwyn Faithful, sired by Braedale Goldwyn, was named senior and Grand. An aged cow, she is owned by Chase & Connor Savage and Cooper Galton.
The reserve senior and Grand Champion award went to Weeksdale Judges Harmony, the second prize aged cow. Sired by Tween Bays Goldwyn Judge, she was exhibited by Glamourview Farm, MB Lucky Lady Farms, and Elmer Weeks.
The Premier Exhibitor of the show was the Patrick Family’s Maple Dell Farm, of Woodbine, Md.
The Premier Breeder banner went to the Swartzbeck family’s Peace & Plenty Farm, of Union Bridge, Md.
Here are the placings from each class, youth placings in parentheses.
Winter Calves (10): 1 (1). MD-Maple-Lawn Sid Luxury, sired by Pine-Tree Sid, Katelyn Iager, 2. Pheasant Echo’s, 3(2). Bodey Griffin, 4. Blaine Edwards, 5. Layla Metts
Fall Calves (16): 1 (1). Savage-Leigh Little Lona, sired by Pine-Tree Sid, Chase Savage, 2. C&J Hill & C Umbel, 3. Katelyn Iager, 4(2). Andie Welsh, 5. Shelby Iager
Summer Yearlings (13): 1. Kingsway Solomon Elaze, sired by Walnut Lawn Solomon, C&J Hill, 2(1). Shelby Iager, 3. Peace & Plenty, 4(2). Kendall Welsh, 5. Pheasant Echo’s
Spring Yearlings (6): 1. Liiddleholme Camilla Black 3216, Glamourview, 2. Maple Dell, 3(1). Jaycey Miller, 4(2). Shelby Iager, 5. Brook Hoff
Winter Yearlings (10): 1. Clayholm Bozeman Milly-Red, sired by EK-STJ Bozeman-P, Glamourview, 2(1). Atley Miller, 3(2). BJ Harrison, 4. S Youse & M Heath, 5. Amelia Miller
Fall Yearlings (11): 1. Walk-LE GW Atwood Becca, sired by Maple-Downs IGW Atwood, M & S Hawbaker, 2. T Mercuro & Kingstead Farm, 3. Peace & Plenty, 4(1). Andie Welsh, 5. Ehrhardt Farms
Jr Best 3 (3): 1. Savage-Leigh, 2. Peace & Plenty, 3. Maple Dell
Unfresh Jr 2 Year Old (2): 1 (1). Coldsprings Cuba Libre 6477, sired by Val-Bisson Doorman, Alicia Hoff, 2(2). Jordyn Griffin
Jr 2 Year Old (6): 1. Peace & Plenty OKB Jubie 3, sired by GS Alliance O’Kaliber, Peace & Plenty, 2(1). BJ Harrison, 3. BJ Harrison, 4(2). Connor Savage, 5. DeBaugh Farms
Sr 2 Year Old (11): Peace & Plenty WDBR Regal, sired by Gillette Windbrook, Peace & Plenty, 2. Maple Dell, 3. Bud Stambaugh, 4 (1). Kendall Welsh, 5. Katelyn Iager
Jr 3 Year Old (4): 1. MD-Maple Lawn Soho, Glamourview, 2. Coldsprings Farms, 3. Katelyn Iager, 4. Maple Dell
Sr 3 Year Old (7): 1. Peace & Plenty GWN Blezann, sired by Braedale Goldwyn, Peace & Plenty, 2. Maple Dell, 3. Iager Brothers, 4(1). Bryce Zepp, 5(2). BJ Harrison
4 Year Old (11): 1. Godin Bless Windbrook, sired by Gillette Windbrook, Ehrhardt & Iager, 2. Peace & Plenty, 3. Maple Dell, 4 (1). Connor Savage, 5. Glamourview
5 Year Old (5): 1. Maple-Keys Sid Odyssey, sired by Pine-Tree Sid, Glamourview, 2. My Lady’s Manor, 3. Dunloafin Farm, 4. My Lady’s Manor, 5. Mackenzie Kovach
Aged Cow (5): 1. Mor-Yet Goldwyn Faithful, sired by Braedale Goldwyn, C & C Savage & C Galton; 2. Glamourview, MB Lucky Lady Farms & E Weeks; 3(1). Shelby Iager, 4. E & F Burall, 5. My Lady’s Manor
Long Time Production (5): 1. Greenlea-TM Atwood B, sired by Maple-Downs-IGW Atwood, Savage-Leigh, 2. Maple Dell, 3. My Lady’s Manor, 4. My Lady’s Manor, 5. Maple Dell
Produce of Dam (1): 1. My Lady’s Manor
Dam & Daughter (2): 1. Savage-Leigh, 2. My Lady’s Manor
Best 3 Females (3): 1. Peace & Plenty, 2. Dunloafin Farm, 3. My Lady’s Manor.