Starting 42nd year of publication (Editorial)

(Feb. 28, 2017) This week marks the birthday of The Delmarva Farmer.
The farm newspaper paper is 41 years old. With this edition, we begin our 42nd year of publication.
It’s been an exhilarating and gratifying journey — a few bumps in the road as one might expect — but we believe we have been faithful to our mission: To provide the farm community of the Mid-Atlantic area with an entertaining, educational and readable weekly report on their industry and their lives.
We make no bones about it — we are protective of the industry and the people we serve.
We are increasingly alarmed and angered by the 21st century assault on the ag industry and the ignorance of farming and the role it plays in the lives of every human being.
Oh yes, there have been changes in the newspaper, both in looks and in content, since it first rolled off the press.
In the early years, for example, the front page was just a photograph.
But farming itself has changed remarkably in the past 40 years and we have changed to keep pace with it.
This we pledge, however: As we proceed through the years that follow, we will continue to be faithful to our mission: To be “the voice of the farmer across the Mid-Atlantic.”
And, of course, we extend our gratitude to our readers and our advertisers for their continued faith in this newspaper.
Onward we go.