Support the Home of the Brave (Editorial)

(Nov. 29, 2016) It’s called Pour on the Blessings.
It’s a new project — obviously in tune with the holiday season — of the Delaware Farm Bureau.
It works this way: The Farm Bureau staff is in the process of placing plastic jugs in the agricultural business places of Farm Bureau members and other ag business establishments.
Customers are invited to put their change — or more of course, if they wish — into the jugs.
The proceeds of the appeal will go to the Home of the Brave in Milford, a residential shelter for homeless veterans.
HOB has been long supported by the DFB.
Kitty Holtz, state Farm Bureau president, said that each year, Farm Bureau members deliver to the home food supplies left over from the Farm Bureau food booth at the Delaware State Fair.
“The Pour on the Blessings campaign is an extension of our efforts to support our local veterans during the holiday season,” Holtz said.
The Home of the Brave effort started in 1992 when eight Milford vets contributed $1 apiece to open a bank account — and to start a foundation — to build a facility for homeless male vets.
A building suitable to house 15 of those homeless men opened in 1994.
Then, just last year, four modular structures — Home of the Brave II — were erected next to the original facility, offering residential units for eight homeless female veterans and their children.
HOB II had been operating in a nearby rented property for the past two years.
With its Pour on the Blessings campaign, the Delaware Farm Bureau is, in effect, standing at attention and saluting not only the Home of the Brave but the men and women of the community who made it a reality.
So, as we go through the holiday season and see, on the counters, those plastic jugs urging us to Pour on the Blessings, let’s do it.
And by the way, it doesn’t only have to be pocket change. The mouth of the jug is plenty big enough to accept paper.