Answer the call for blood (Editorial)

(June 28, 2016) In the wake of the terrorist bloodbath in Orlando, Fla., there went out a call for blood from the trauma center a mere three blocks away.
The citizenry responded, lining up for blocks to donate.
A similar, although not as horrific, situation has developed right here on Delmarva.
The Blood Bank of Delmarva says that recent shootings and multiple trauma situations are continuing to have a negative impact on the local blood supply with no immediate end in sight.
It called the need for blood donations “critical.”
“Summer blood inventories are difficult enough to maintain with less donors responding to our pleas for help,” said Michael Waite, the blood bank’s director of marketing and community relations.  “We truly need people to take this request seriously as our supply of this lifesaving gift is running dangerously low. 
“Traumas traditionally happen more often when people travel during the summer months when unfortunately street violence escalates as well.  Innocent people are getting injured every day, which is why we need to bolster the local blood supply, especially our O-negative inventory,” Waite said. “O-negative blood is the universal type which can be transfused to anyone in an emergency, and the first product rescue personnel reach for to save someone’s life.”
The Orlando massacre brought out hundreds of donors.
The fact is, Waite said, “there are emergency situations every day of the week right here at home that demand our attention and that threaten our supply.” 
Blood Bank of Delmarva has five fixed donor locations — Newark, Del., Dover, Del., Wilmington, Del., Chadds Ford, Pa,, and Salisbury, Md., as well as more than 30 regularly scheduled mobile locations.
Mobile labs make frequent stops in towns and cities across Delmarva.
Watch for one in your town.
“The need for blood never takes a day off. ... It never takes a vacation,” said Waite.
The bank needs 350 donors a day to meet the needs of the hospitals served in the Delmarva region to ensure that more than 20,000 patients a year receive needed blood transfusions.
We urge our readers to sign up.
For more information or to schedule an appointment, visit, call 1-888-825-6638 (1 888 8-BLOOD-8) or download the free mobile app.