Barn collapse kills 12 cattle in Ijamsville after snowfall

Associate Editor

IJAMSVILLE, Md. (Feb. 16, 2016) — Two Frederick County farmers — a married couple — said they’re thankful for their lives after narrowly avoiding a barn collapse brought on by last month’s snowstorm that killed 12 cattle.
Douglas Fink said he and his wife, Dani, were on their way to feed the cows in the barn at Rights of Man Farm on Ball Road on Saturday, Jan. 30, when the roof collapsed under the weight of roughly two feet of snow dumped by a storm that shut down much of the Mid-Atlantic for days.
“It was horrible,” said Douglas Fink, the farm’s head laborer. “We just couldn’t believe it. We’ve been through barn collapses before. We’ve been hit by a tornado before. And we lost maybe two cows through all that.”
Due to the snow, the farmers were unable to get to their cows until Wednesday with the help of friends, family and rented equipment, according to the farm’s Facebook page. Eight were already dead and four needed to be euthanized, Douglas Fink said. Most were able to make it out of the barn before it collapsed, he said.
The couple cares for 64 head of brood cows on the farm, he said.
Outside of some coastal flooding, farms in Maryland and Delaware appeared to escape serious damage from the blizzard, which media outlets nicknamed “Jonas” or “Snowzilla.” 
It delivered record snowfalls to parts of the region.
Most of Delaware the flooding was relegated to Oak Orchard, Lewes and Dewey Beach, primarily in developed or residential areas, he said. Flooding also occurred in coastal Maryland, causing beach erosion in the Ocean City area.