Altvater tops Talbot Corn Club with 258-bushel haul

EASTON, Md. (Feb. 2, 2016) — Elaine Altvater, the matriarch of a Trappe farm family, won the annual Talbot County Corn Club yield competition for the third time in eight years.
Altvater’s entry of 258.21 bushels an acre, topped the certified yields of 21 other corn growera
The winners of the corn club competition, as well as those in the yield contest for the Talbot County Soybean Improvement program, were honored on Jan. 27, at the Easton VFW.
It was the 64th annual meeting of the corn club, believed to be the oldest club of its kind in the nation.
It was also the 45th annual gathering for the county soybean growers.
Altvater also captured the corn club trophy in 2007 and 2009. The win will elevate her to the presidency of the corn club in 2017.
Altvater planted her crop on April 29 to a population of 28,300 and ran the combine through the crop on Sept. 9.
She had planted DeKalb 5782 no-till.
Donald Foster of Easton placed second in the corn competition with a yield of 256 bushels an acre and third place honors went to Paul Harrison of Easton with a yield of 245 bushels.
The average for the 22 corn growers was 218 bushels an acre.
Jack Hutchison, 15, of Cordova won the youth division of the corn competition with a yield of 253 bushels an acre, just five bushels shy of Altvater‘s top entry.
Eight youths participated in the competition.
Donald Foster also entered the full season soybean yield contest.
He won that one with a yield of 58,78 bushels an acre.
Over in the double crop division, first place honors went to Cecil Gannon and Sons with a yield of 57.69 bushels per acre.