Mid-Atlantic growers shine in NCGA yields

CHESTERFIELD, Mo. (Jan. 5, 2015) — Growers in 39 states submitted entries in the 2015 National Corn Growers Association yield contest.
With growers in the Mid-Atlantic states participating in four contest divisions, the Mid-Atlantic produced the national winner and a new contest yield record.
Here are the first, second and third place winners in Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia. They are listed by name, hometown, seed company, and yield in bushels per acre.
Note that in some cases, where a second or third place award is not listed it is because the entry was submitted by a winner already listed in that division.
For example in the No-till Strip Till Irrigated Division in which David Hula set a new record for the NCGA competition, both he and his son, Craig, who came in second, submitted other entries in that division. Craig’s was certified at 485 bushels and David’s second entry was certified at 276 bushels.
The entry, thus, of Chris Calahan was awarded third place.
Non-Irrigated Division
• Delaware: Whitney Snow, Smyrna, Pioneer, 282; Russell Hudson, Frankford, DeKalb, 276; Douglas Wilson, Smyrna, DeKalb, 256;
• Maryland: Brad Rill, Hampstead, DeKalb, 308; John Rigdon, Jarrettsville, DeKalb, 286; Edward Lippy, Hampstead, Pioneer, 272;
• New Jersey: Sam Santini, Stewartsville, DeKalb, 332; Pat Gilberson, Pemberton, DeKalb, 268; and
• Virginia: Heath Cutrell, Chesapeake, DeKalb, 269; Nicholas Mills, Hanover, Pioneer, 266.6; Greg Jenkins, Bena, Pioneer, 266.3.
Irrigated Division
• Delaware: Jonathan Snow, Smyrna, Pioneer, 304; Mark Collins, Laurel, DeKalb, 30l; Steve Yingling, Bridgeville, DeKalb, 299;
• Maryland: David and Ronnie Andrews, Hurlock, DeKalb,306; Dan Dulin, Queen Anne, Pioneer,298; Randall Willin, Jr., Seaford, Axis, 284;
• New Jersey: Alan Danser, Cranberry, Pioneer, 320; Jeffrey Barlieb, Stewartsville, DeKalb, 305; Garrett Woolf, Monroe Township, Pioneer, 300; and
• Virginia: JR Newcomb, Hanover, Pioneer, 300; Michael Upton, South Hill, DeKalb, 281; Monte Heathwole, McGaneysville, Pioneer, 278.
No-Till Strip Till Non Irrigated
• Delaware: Sherry Hudson, Frankford, DeKalb, 275; Aaron R. Thompson, Hartly, Channel, 263; Christopher Wyatt, Harrington, Pioneer, 262; Benjamin Snow, Smyrna, Pioneer, 260;
• Maryland: Drew Haines, Middletown, DeKalb, 303; Tom Walsh, Hampstead, DeKalb, 286; Edward Appenzeller Jr., Millington, DeKalb, 283;
• New Jersey: Chris Santini, Stewartsville, DeKalb, 318; Byron DuBois, Pittsgrove, Pioneer, 278.7; Tammy Meyer, Pittstown, DeKalb, 278.1; and
• Virginia: Tyler Franklin, Tappahannock, Axis, 283; James Bowen, Brandy Station, Channel, 279.9; Curtis Packett, Warsaw, Dyna-Gro. 279.8.
No-Till Strip Till Irrigated
• Delaware: Gary Ockels, Milton, DeKalb, 300; Christoher Wyatt, Harington, Pioneer, 297;
• Maryland: Bruce Bartz, Denton, DeKalb,334;
• New Jersey: Sarah Santini, Phillipsburg, DeKalb, 314; and
• Virginia: David Hula, Charles City, Pioneer, 532; Craig Hula, Charles City, DeKalb, 485; Chris Calahan, Hanover, Pioneer, 273.