Hotchkiss book revisits ‘Rural Ramblings’ archives

EASTON, Md. (Nov. 3, 2015) — Bruce Hotchkiss, senior and founding editor of The Delmarva Farmer, this week is announcing the publication of his book, “Deadline Postings from an old Royal.”
“It’s my first book,” Hotchkiss said, “and no doubt my last. But I think it will make fun reading.”
The book is a selection of 74 of the some 750 weekly “Rural Ramblings” columns, which Hotchkiss wrote over the course of the first 15 years of the publication of this farm newspaper.
In the pages of the book, he chats about farming and farm life and tells stories of the people, places and adventures he encountered while covering agriculture in the Mid-Atlantic region in those fledging years of the newspaper.
“Readers, no doubt, will recall much of what they will find in the columns,” Hotchkiss said. “In fact, I know of several copies of columns which are in family scrapbooks and albums or tucked away among keepsakes in dresser drawers.”
The first edition of The Delmarva Farmer rolled off the press in the early spring of 1978.
“I must have had the notion even back then that I might someday publish a book because I clipped and filed a copy of every one of the columns,” Hotchkiss said.
Those early columns, well into the 1980s, came off a 1950s Royal manual typewriter, which Hotchkiss still uses for tasks more suited to a typewriter than a computer — addressing envelopes, for example, and producing reminder notes for the door of the refrigerator. (There’s a column about that, by the way.)
The columns are chaptered by the year in which they were published. Column headlines hint at their content: “The Sabina Affair,” “The two-armed bandit,” “The resurrection of the three-cent stamp,” “They don’t make lettuce anymore” and “The reluctant wallflower,” to name only a few.
“I will say this,” Hotchkiss said. “The book will make a great Christmas gift. Put one under your tree.”
At this stage, “Deadline Postings from an old Royal” is available by calling the newspaper office at 410-822-3366 and asking for Megan Messix.