GLF Sonny C Lacy shines at Eastern Regional Shorthorn Show

Staff Writer

WEST FRIENDSHIP, Md. (June 30, 2015) — The 29th Eastern Regional Shorthorn Show was held June 19-20 at the Howard County Fairgrounds. Rex Tribbett of Rex Lane Farm Crawfordsville, Ind.,was the judge.
Supreme Champion of the show was the Grand Champion Female of the show, GLF Sonny C Lacey, a March 3, 2014 heifer that was exhibited by McKenzie Zepp of Westminster, Md.
She was also the Grand Champion of the Junior Show and the Junior Champion of both Junior and Open shows.
Taking Grand and Senior Champion in the Open Bull Show was White Birch Payout, a March 22, 2013 bull owned by White Birch Farms of Butler, Pa., and they were also  the Premier Exhibitor of the show.
The Grand Champion Bull of the Junior Show was the Champion Bred and Owned Bull, Woodcamp Nuclear Fusion, a Winter Bull Calf born Nov. 16, 2014, and owned by Tyler Hough of Mt. Airy, Md.
The Premier Breeder of the show was Masonic Village Farms of Elizabethtown, Penna.
The Grand Champion Steer of the show was KC Proud Joe 146B, a 1,247-pound Purebred Shorthorn exhibited by Jackson Rippeon of Mt. Airy, Md., and the Reserve Grand Champion Steer weighing in at 1,110 pounds was FCS David 91 exhibited by Annette Braun of Mechanisville; Bryan Bowman of Walkersville, Md., had the Grand Champion Shorthorn Plus Steer, a heavyweight at 1,256 pounds named Moose, and the Reserve Champion Shorthorn Plus Steer was Woodcamp TNT 25, exhibited by Tyler Hough of Mt. Airy, and  weighing in at 1,040 pounds.
BreAnn Fields of Keymar, Md., the Senior Showmanship Champion, took Grand Champion Showmanship honors.
Following are the other champions and reserves. (Maryland unless stated otherwise,)
Showmanship was held on the 19th with the following results:
Intermediate Champion Showman: Colby Hough, Mt. Airy
Junior Champion Showman: Kaisy Knott, Mt. Airy.
Judging Contest: Junior was Justin Inskeep with 182 points; Intermediate was McKenzie Ferguson with 197 points; Senior was Lindsay Stine with 197 points.
All are from Frederick, Md.
Open Show: Junior Calf Champion: GLF Sonny C Candy exhibited by Henry Dodrer, Westminster; Reserve: KFF Quenn Blaze exhibited by Kaisy Knott, Mt. Airy; also Champion Junior Calf of the Junior Show.
Reserve Junior Calf of the Junior Show: KFF Queen Austin exhibited by Aubry Knott of Mt. Airy.
Open Show and Junior Show: Champion Senior Calf: Bowman’s Glamour Girl exhibited by Bryan Bowman of Walkersville; Reserve Open Show: Sharben RSD Augusta Pride exhibited by Masonic Village Farm of Elizabethtown, Pa.; Reserve of the Junior Show: GVA Angel exhibited by Ashley Wiles of Smithsburg.
Open Show and Junior Show: Intermediate Champion: Childs Play It Again, exhibited by BreAnn Fields of Keymar; Reserve Intermediate Open Show: IFS Evas Rival W2B exhibited by White Birch Farms of Butler, Pa.
Open Show and Junior Show: Junior Champion: GLF Sonny C Lacey; Open Show Reserve Junior Champion: White Birch Pay Attention exhibited by White Birch Farms; Junior Show Reserve: M/F PF Rosebud 28B exhibited by Todd De Gasperi of Westminster.
Open Show Senior Champion: MH Silver Rose 123A ET exhibited by Kelsy Wolfe of Mt. Airy; also Senior Champion of the Junior Show. Best Bred & Owned Female: Ashley Wiles; Pair of Females, Bred & Owned: Open: Masonic Village Farm; Junior: Ashley Wiles.
Open Show: Junior Bull Calf Champion: White Birch Pay Up exhibited by White Birch Farm; Reserve: HAA Squiz’s Jazzy June Bug exhibited by Todd De Gasperie and also Junior Show Champion Junior Bull Calf; Reserve Junior Show: KFF Cooper exhibited by Kelsy Wolfe.
Open and Junior Show Senior Bull Calf Champion: Woodcamp Nuclear Fusion exhibited by Tyler Hough of Mt. Airy.
Open Show Intermediate Champion Bull: MVF Tidal Wave exhibited by Masonic Village Farm.
Open Show Junior Champion Bull: White Birch Payout exhibited by White Birch Farm.
Open Show Senior Champion Bull : Woodcamp Chunk of Gold exhibited by Tyler Hough; also Junior Show and also Reserve Senior Bull of the Open Show and Senior Champion of the Junior Show.
White Birch Farm had the Pair of Bulls, Bred & Owned in the Open Show and Tyler Hough had the Pair of Bulls, Bred & Owned in the Junior Show.
White Birch Farm won the Super Cow Class and also were owners of Best 4 Head Owned by Exhibitor.