Pot proposal has moral ripples (Editorial)

(Dec. 16, 2014) Raw milk and marijuana — two subjects of vast diversity — shared the stage, so to speak, at the Maryland Farm Bureau convention last week in Ocean City.
Proposals to alter MFB’s current policy regarding both subjects inspired discussions which highlighted the general sessions of the delegates.
Policy for supporting a licensed five-herd pilot project on the sale of unpasteurized milk and for supporting the growing of medical marijuana both reached the floor and after significant discussion — both pro and con — both were defeated.
In the long run, none of that may cut it.
Maryland is touched on two sides by states which allow the sale of raw milk and already functioning is the recently appointed Maryland Marijuana Commission, which is drafting the rules and regulations for the use and sale of medical marijuana in the state, under the authority of departing Gov. Martin O’Malley.
It is highly unlikely that a farmer could sign up to grow pot.
It’s going to cost a bundle just to enroll.
The hunch prevails that the license to grow the plants will be held by large commercial entities which will the lease the land into which to plant.
For the farmers who may be offered such a lease, it will become a moral issue.
And you don’t regulate that.