Del. State ducks the question (Editorial)

(Oct. 7, 2014) Dr. Cyril Broderick is a tenured associate professor of agriculture at Delaware State University. He is a native of Liberia.
He is the author of a letter, first printed in a leading Liberian newspaper, which implies the Ebola epidemic is the result of bioterrorism experiments conducted by the U.S. Department of Defense.
A fellow Liberian, also an educator, paid a visit recently to his homeland and when he returned, he became ill.
He is now reportedly under close watch in a Dallas hospital, suffering from Ebola, the first resident of this country to be diagnosed with the dreaded disease.
During our coverage of Dr. Broderick’s academic career at Delaware State, we addressed an e-mail to the university’s president.
Our request for information was returned by a telephone call from a member of the administrative staff assigned to take all calls related to Dr. Broderick.
We received no information. Finally we asked: “Have you determined whether Dr. Broderick recently paid a visit to his native country?”
It occurred to us that a visit to his Ebola-stricken homeland might have been the inspiration for his letter.
The answer: “We have no idea about that.”
We hope that, in the wake of the Dallas case, that Delaware State does get an “idea about that” and that the answer is that Dr. Broderick has not left this country.
The folks at Delaware State could breathe a lot easier, then.