Delaware farm vehicle tag law takes effect Oct. 7

Staff Writer

FELTON, Del. (Oct. 7, 2014) — Delaware farmers should be aware that the old style “Farm Truck” tags will no longer be valid after Oct. 7. New Farm Vehicle tags have been available for purchase through the Division of Motor Vehicles since June 16 of this year.
Delaware Farm Bureau Executive Director Pam Bakerian said the new tags will only be available to farmers and will prevent abuse. The FV requirements assure that only farmers will be given the tag, Bakerian said, and tags will only be used as originally intended.
The matter was discussed at the DFB annual meeting in December. Identification of vehicles is needed by law enforcement authorities, it was explained, because farm tags are being stolen or their use abused, including by drug dealers. Vice President Jonathan Thompson said, “Police want to be able to connect a number to a vehicle. I understand their frustration.”
With approval of the delegates in December, DFB's Transportation Committee continued working pro-actively in support of legislation that will only allow farmers to be issued the tag.
Completion of form MV 31 is required to obtain an FV tag, along with a one-time payment of $10. Tags must be renewed every three years.
The form requires farmers to certify that at least $1,000 of their annual income is derived from the operation of their farms and that they own or rent at least 10 acres which are actively used in the farming operation from which that income is derived.
Off-site verifications can be conducted for a $15 fee, with each additional vehicle being $5. To set up an appointment, farmers should contact their local representative: New Castle County, Rocco Scarangelli, 302-434-3240; Delaware City, Will Butler, 302-326-5172; Kent County, Chris Haines, 302-744-2560 and Sussex County, Todd Lowe, 302-853-1018.
The first 10 tags, FV 1 through 10, have been reserved and will be auctioned off, with net proceeds designated for the DFB Foundation Ag Education Trailer fund.