Food fearmongers hard at work (Editorial)

(Sept. 23, 2014) Is there no limit to the American consumer’s fear of food?
These two items crossed our desk in recent weeks.
First, a news release under the subject title  “Shocking GMO Warning.”
It read in part: “Did you know that according to a study from an esteemed medical school, some types of milk are now connected to cancer... and could cause as much damage to your health as smoking four packs of cigarettes a day.
“Think about that: Smoking four packs a day is almost certain to lead to an early death ... but according to the latest research, a certain type of milk could be even worse.
“Yet I’d bet not one in 1,000 people knows what type of milk it is.There’s a good chance this milk may be in your fridge right now.”
Twenty minutes of a voiced lecture later, that milk had not been identified.
Then this:
“This season, football fans at the 64,000-capacity Edward Jones Dome, home to the St. Louis Rams, will enjoy the first ever high-welfare, sustainable hot dogs and burgers served by stadium concessions, thanks to the pioneering work of Delaware North Companies Sportservice and Animal Welfare Approved-certified Shire Gate Farm.
“Never shy of tackling societal issues — both on and off the field — the team leads the field when it comes to serving responsibly-sourced meat products to its fans. ... St. Louis Rams will serve thousands of Rams and visiting Minnesota Vikings fans appetites for meat products that are healthier for them — and the planet: A new range of truly sustainable, high-welfare hot dogs and burgers at its concessions facilities at Edward Jones Dome, produced using the highest-quality grassfed beef sourced from a handful of local family farm suppliers, all certified by AWA — the nation’s leading and most trusted farm certifier.”
We’d bet the mortgage that a precious few fans in the stands for the Rams-Vikings could care less that their “high welfare” burgers and dogs (along with a cold one or two) came from happy cattle and pigs.