Act now to urge AgJOBS passage

From Craig Regelbrugge of American Nursery and Landscape Associations came an urgent plea on Nov. 23: Act immediately to urge Congress to pass AgJOBS.
Senate and House leadership have both vowed to take up an immigration measure known as the DREAM Act after the Thanksgiving holiday. This could provide a window for action on AgJOBS, a bill that has been long supported by green industry employers and their associations. "While the odds are long amidst partisan bickering," Regelbrugge said, "the current Congress can still address at least a few building blocks on immigration reform during the lame duck session."
He urged: "Please take a moment now to urge action on immigration that includes the AgJOBS bill, S.1038 and H.R.2414. AgJOBS would stabilize the labor force sustaining the nursery, greenhouse, and other agricultural sectors. AgJOBS would facilitate a legal workforce for the green industry. AgJOBS would help to ensure that industries and related jobs stay in the United States, rather than moving to other countries. AgJOBS is bipartisan, and can serve as a pilot and a model for other needed improvements to America’s immigration system in the future."