Join the New Vision Forum (Editorial)

How lucky we are to live in the Mid-Atlantic and have such great trade associations to work with! In Maryland Nursery and Landscape Association's "Root of the Matter" of June 6, one finds an invitation to attend AmericanHort's "New Vision Forum" at the Maritime Institute in Linthicum, Md., Aug. 28 and 29. The only other opportunity for this experience is in Portland, Ore. For most readers of the Mid-Atlantic Grower, Baltimore is an easy day's drive.
While the trade press is excluded, 30 attendees will have an opportunity to work alongside other garden center retailers envisioning and developing their future.
New Vision has been completely updated. It's not a series of lectures. Facilitators John Stanley and Sid Raisch will set the scene and the group will create strategies to carry a business forward. Participants will be selected for their potential to play a meaningful role participating in the dialogue. Most importantly, they will be the ones likely to act on their understanding of what they must do to be vibrant and successful beyond the next five years.
Stanley is a retail consultant who has worked with government entities, retailers, wholesales and a long list of others for more than 30 years in more than 20 countries. He is recognized as one of the top 10 percent of speakers in the world.
Raisch is founder and president of Horticultural Advantage, a consulting firm for independent garden centers and their suppliers. He has taken his 28 years of experience assisting a wide range of green industry companies and has formulated it into a systematic program designed to help garden centers make the kind of decisions that drive sales, improve operations and focus on profit.
Whether the recession is over or not, you've made it thus far. The strong have survived. The smart survived — and they will in the future. Will you?
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