Hines introduces ‘Bloomtastic!’ line


Hines Growers LLC is launching its Bloomtastic! Line to bring together star performers, whether annuals, perennials, vines, shrubs or tropicals, under one brand. The brand is one of the first in the industry to combine superior new genetics with overlooked plants previously introduced.
"It's all about flowers," said Joe Gray, Hines’ senior vice president, in an exclusive interview on the show floor during MANTS.
“Call us plant hunters on a mission,” Gray continued. “Discovering and growing new star performers and redeeming under-utilized great color plants and shrubs is at the heart of the Bloomtastic! brand.”
Gray said Bloomtastic! plants fall into three categories. They are either outstanding Hines’ proprietary genetics, new “stars” offered to Hines for propriety use by independent breeders, or “head-turning plants” that have been overlooked and fallen through the cracks.
And they all have the same characteristics: continuous color, lots of blooms, easy to grow and low maintenance.
“Bloomtastic! gives great plants the focus they deserve,” said Gray. “Our goal is to quickly and nimbly bring these plants to market with branded containers, great tags and consumer marketing to attract the attention they deserve.”
From more than eight new Bambino Bougainvillea to striking new buddleia and new agapanthus, Lonicera and new Bahama Bay Hibiscus, the Bloomtastic! plant mix will be constantly evolving to keep it fresh and exciting. Bloomtastic! plants will remain in the program for a year or two, "until other growers catch on," Gray explained, then they'll be relegated to a black pot. By then, they will no longer be "new."
Bloomtastic! plants are selected for superior performance both regionally and nationally. They are available in branded 4-inch, 8-inch and 3-gallon sizes.
“For example, the Bambino Bougainvillea are the result of extensive breeding to deliver plenty of color and profusions of blooms,” says Gray, “and they make excellent shrubs and are perfect for smaller gardens or containers, just what today’s busy gardener demands.”
Gray said he thinks the green industry has made gardening too complicated and it needs to be simplified. QR codes will help. With a smartphone or ipad, a QR code will take the consumer right to the Bloomtastic! website to give information on the product instantly.
The label says it all: Bloomtastic! plants give you “fantastic blooms… every time.”
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